Print & Web

Working with designers, developers, and copywriters, I've produced everything from bus station wraps to print ads to websites.

Clean Creatives

Fossil Free Media needed a production partner to help organize the first F-List Awards, a virtual awards program honoring the “best” (read: the worst) in greenwashing for major brands and agencies.We worked closely with the campaign and their partners to coordinate talent, tech, digital assets, messaging, and public relations for the show.

Working with a copywriter and designer, we conceived and created their “For Your Consideration” social ad campaign, mocking the usual awards-season ad submissions, and created the social packaging for all of the talent to promote the show.

All of the pre-tapings were completed within our timeline, and the event met client goals for viewership and engagement, with re-broadcasts and future social campaigns planned. The event also got ample attention in the trades, including AdWeek’s “Ad of the Day,” and, most exciting, Clean Creatives’ first attack op-ed in Ad Age. The campaign won two Shorty Impact Awards as well as an Audience Honor, and was chosen for Fast Company's World Changing Ideas.

Operation White Stork

Founded by social entrepreneur William McNulty, Operation White Stork does incredible humanitarian work to evacuate civilians from the Ukrainian war zone and send donated medical supplies to the front lines. They had a fantastic story, but no plan for how to tell it. In September 2022, they got the opportunity to be the partner charity for the Kyiv City Ballet’s U.S. tour, and wanted to capitalize on this chance to reach new audiences.

We built a multifaceted marketing plan to help them raise awareness along the ballet’s tour stops. We worked with our designer to develop a bold, eye-catching graphic look for their marketing materials, and produced banners, brochures, donation cards, and more. We also reworked their email templates and voice to encourage their supporters to show up.

Operation White Stork gathered $40,000 from small donors in a single evening, a big commitment for an organization their size. They were asked to commit to more tour dates based on their good works and seamless production. To date, they have evacuated over 37,000 humans and 1,400 pets from Ukraine.

Cutt Music

Where to start when a pop singer wants a full rebrand? For Hannah Cutt, a new band and a new album demanded a new visual ID. We worked with her management team to produce a new website, mailing list, and print advertising from bus stations to Rolling Stone. We also collaborated with promoters to create the ticket pages, flyers, and social media for each live show.